10 bodyweight strength building moves to boost your mood

Push-Ups: Targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Modify by doing them on your knees if needed.

Squats: Great for the legs and glutes. Keep your back straight and chest up as you lower down as if sitting in a chair.

Lunges: Works the legs and glutes. Step forward and lower your hips, keeping your front knee above the ankle.

Planks: Excellent for core strengthening. Maintain a straight line from your head to your heels.

Burpees: A full-body move that increases cardiovascular endurance and strength.

Mountain Climbers: Good for core strength and cardio. Bring your knees to your chest rapidly while maintaining a plank position.

Tricep Dips: Use a stable chair or low table. Focus on using your arms to lift and lower your body.

Glute Bridges: Lie on your back and lift your hips, focusing on squeezing your glutes.

Jumping Jacks: A good cardiovascular move that also engages various muscle groups.

Leg Raises: Great for lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, place your hands under your hips for support, and lift your legs up and down.

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