10  Bridal Hairstyle Updo For Long Hair Tutorial



Easy Twisted Updo: This elegant style is perfect for both long and medium hair. The tutorial demonstrates how to create a sophisticated look.


Messy Low Bun: This simple yet chic updo is ideal for brides looking for a relaxed and romantic hairstyle. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on creating a messy low.


Classic Bridal Updo: For a timeless look, this tutorial guides you through creating a classic bridal updo. This style works well with veils and can be dressed up with pearl.


Textured Boho Updo: This big and textured boho updo is perfect for brides who want a voluminous and intricate hairstyle.


Elegant Chignon: This sleek and sophisticated chignon is perfect for a formal wedding. The tutorial provides detailed steps on how to create a smooth.


Braided Flower Bun: This unique updo combines braids and twists to create a bun that resembles a flower. It's a beautiful option for brides looking.


Soft Romantic Updo: This style is designed to have a soft and romantic finish, featuring loose curls and gentle waves pinned into a delicate updo.


High Bun with Volume: This high bun adds height and elegance, making it a great choice for brides who want a dramatic updo. 


Curled Updo with Accessories: Enhance your updo with curls and accessories like pearl hairpins or floral clips. This tutorial shows how to incorporate these elements.


Side-Swept Updo: This asymmetrical updo sweeps hair to one side, creating a glamorous and modern look. The tutorial offers guidance on securing the hairstyle.