10 Chocolate Recipes That Are Not Desserts

Chicken Mole

Mexican chicken mole contains chocolate sauce. The dish has many warming spices to complete the flavor.

Chili-Chocolate Sirloin Steak

Add cocoa powder to a basic steak rub to upgrade this sirloin steak dish. Give the meat enough time to marinade to develop flavors.

Baked Baby Carrots

Add balsamic-bitter chocolate syrup on roasted carrots to elevate them. This surprise simple syrup pairs wonderfully with roasted beets or grilled meat.

Chocolate Beef Stew

The secret ingredient in this beef stew is high-quality 90% dark chocolate. A hearty cold-weather dinner gains depth and flavor.

Mole-Baked Chocolate Beans

Quick and easy to make, this hearty side dish is delicious. Unsweetened chocolate adds richness without dominating the sauce.

Chocolate Pasta

You may have seen red, green, and black spaghetti. Before using, dry this pasta for an hour or two.

Chocolate Salmon

Unsweetened chocolate in a savory spice combination elevates fish fillets.

Chicken-olive casserole

This chicken and olive mole casserole is unique and excellent for parties or feeding a crowd.

Cocoa-Rubbed Smoked Brisket

Cocoa adds sweetness to a tough cut of meat's sugar-free rub. Allow it to settle overnight for optimal flavor.

Chocolate BBQ Sauce

You can use this chocolate barbecue sauce on short ribs, chicken, or pulled pork for a sweet and savory meal.