10 Luxurious Hair Bun Styles For Wedding Party



Classic Low Chignon: This elegant style involves twisting hair into a low bun at the nape of the neck, offering a timeless and sophisticated look ideal.


High Messy Bun: For a modern twist, a high messy bun can add a touch of effortless chic. This style works well with loose curls and can be adorned with delicate.


Braided Low Bun: Incorporating braids into a low bun can create an intricate and stylish look. This style can be enhanced with small flowers.


Voluminous Curly Bun: Perfect for those with curly hair, this bun emphasizes volume and texture. Pulling a few curls loose around the face can soften.


Side Swept Bun: This asymmetrical style gathers hair into a side bun, often decorated with floral accessories or a vintage comb.


French Twist Bun: Combining the classic French twist with a bun creates a sophisticated updo. Adding small sprigs of baby’s breath or other delicate flowers.


Twisted Bun with Headband: A twisted bun can be made more luxurious with the addition of a jeweled or floral headband, providing a regal and polished finish.


Boho Braided Bun: For a bohemian touch, a braided bun with loose, messy elements offers a relaxed yet stylish option. This can be adorned with a mix of small braid.


High Sleek Bun: This sophisticated style pulls hair into a high, smooth bun at the crown, often paired with a sleek headband or tiara to add a touch of glamour.


Double Bun: A playful yet elegant option, the double bun uses two smaller buns either stacked vertically or placed symmetrically.