10 Wavy Hair Ideas That Are Making Heads Turn



Waves: Effortless and tousled beachy waves are perfect for a relaxed, summery vibe that exudes casual elegance.


Parted Waves: Create sleek, defined waves with a center part for a sophisticated and polished look that's perfect for any occasion.


Bedhead Waves: Embrace the "bedhead" look with textured waves that have a slightly messy and undone feel, perfect for a laid-back yet stylish appearance.


Old Hollywood Waves: Channel the glamour of old Hollywood with sleek, glossy waves that evoke classic beauty and sophistication.


Loose Waves: Soft and loose waves with a natural texture offer a bohemian-inspired look that's effortlessly chic and feminine.


Waves: Long, cascading waves with subtle twists and bends resemble the mystical allure of mermaid hair, creating a whimsical and enchanting look.


Face-Framing Highlights: Add dimension and depth to your waves with face-framing highlights that enhance your natural beauty and draw attention to your features.


Lob with Waves: A textured lob (long bob) with waves offers a modern and chic hairstyle that's both stylish and easy to maintain.


Down Waves: Elevate your wavy hair with a half-up half-down hairstyle, combining the best of both worlds for a look that's both romantic and practical.


Accents: Add a touch of boho flair to your waves with braided accents, such as a small braid along the hairline or braided sections woven throughout the hair for added interest and texture.