10 Winter Home Decor Ideas

'Changing your drapes seasonally, from printed linen in summer to a rich wool in winter, is an easy way to not only look cozy, but feel cozy too

Swap Out Your Summer Drapes

Whilst some might not want to start painting walls simply because the season has changed, there is a strong case for going deeper and earthy with your schemes since these shades are a huge color trend right now.

Choose A Cozy Neutral Wall Color

Simple but effective, change up your living room layout so the fireplace becomes the focal point. A combination of a couch and two armchairs will work well, with a coffee table in the middle.

Huddle Around The Fire

It's important to get your metallic choice right, nickel will give a colder effect, so brass or copper will work best.To cocoon yourself in comfort and warmth, soft brass bedroom wall lights and candles on the bedside table are the perfect duo.

Use Warming Metallics

A small richly colored kitchen can be the most alluring of spaces, holding a certain charm and beauty that is hard to achieve in a large space.

Subtle Decor To Unexpected Places

Elegant and earthy tones like Stirabout create a cocooning feel that looks fabulous against flickering candlelight in the evenings.

Add Warming Accents

It’s an easy way to instantly make your home feel more seasonal, and it just takes a few berries, eucalyptus stems and pine branches arranged in vases and planters to do the trick.

Seasonal Colors From Outside

If you have a hard floor or even a beautiful wall-to-wall, then it’s easy to add an extra layer of warmth and coziness underfoot with a soft wool rug.

Invest In Oversized Rugs

One of our favorite winter decor ideas is to forage for pine fir branches or similar to use to style a mantle. You can't beat that heady scent that conjures up the impending festive spirit.

Forage For Winter Scents

Embrace cozy textures like faux fur throws and soft knit blankets. Elevate the cozy atmosphere by layering plush rugs for added warmth.

Embrace Faux Fur And Soft Knits

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