6 Wonderful Wolf Dog Breeds

Alaskan Malamute: Alaskan Malamutes are large and powerful dogs originally bred for sled pulling in cold climates. They have a wolf-like appearance with a thick double coat

Siberian Husky: Huskies are known for their striking blue eyes and wolf-like appearance. They are energetic and friendly dogs, often used in sled dog racing.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: As the name suggests, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs were bred by crossing German Shepherds with Carpathian Wolves. 

Saarloos Wolfdog: Saarloos Wolfdogs were created by crossing German Shepherds with European wolves. They are loyal and protective but can be reserved around strangers.

Tamaskan: Tamaskans are a breed created to resemble wolves in appearance. They are friendly and social dogs, often sought after for their wolf-like looks.

American Alsatian: American Alsatians, also known as Alsatian Shepalutes, are bred to resemble prehistoric wolves. They are gentle giants, known for their calm and loving temperament.

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