60s Hairstyles with Headbands That Are Trending Again

Beehive with a Headband: The beehive hairstyle, characterized by its voluminous crown, is back in fashion. Pair it with a sleek headband for a modern twist on this classic look.

Mod Bob with a Thin Headband: The mod era brought us the bob haircut, which is still a stylish choice today. Add a thin, simple headband to achieve a chic and minimalist '60s look.

Hippie Waves with a Floral Headband: Embrace your inner flower child with long, loose waves and a bohemian floral headband. 

Pixie Cut with a Bold Headband: Short pixie cuts were popular in the '60s, and they continue to be a trendy choice. Elevate your pixie with a bold, statement headband for a modern and edgy look.

Side-Swept Bangs with a Velvet Headband: A classic '60s hairstyle featured side-swept bangs. Enhance this look with a luxurious velvet headband for a touch of vintage glamour.

Bouffant with a Rhinestone Headband: The bouffant is another iconic '60s style known for its height and drama. Add a rhinestone-embellished headband for a touch of elegance and sparkle.

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