7 Cats That Look Like Tigers

Bengal Cat: Bengal cats have a distinctive spotted or marbled coat that resembles the wild leopard or ocelot. They are known for their exotic appearance.

Toyger: The Toyger is a breed specifically bred to resemble a tiger. They have bold, dark stripes on a bright orange background, mimicking the appearance of a tiger.

Ocicat: Ocicats have large spots and a spotted coat, similar to the ocelot, giving them a wild appearance.

Savannah Cat: Savannah cats are a hybrid breed created by crossing a domestic cat with a serval. They often have a slender build and bold, dark markings resembling a wildcat.

Chausie: Chausies are another hybrid breed, resulting from the mating of domestic cats with jungle cats. They have a wild appearance with dark markings.

Egyptian Mau: Egyptian Maus have a striking coat with random spots that give them the look of a small leopard or cheetah.

Serengheti Cat: Serengeti cats have a wild appearance due to their spotted coat, which is reminiscent of the African serval.

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