Nail Shapes That Are Most Likely To Break

Nail Breakage

The shape of your nails can significantly affect their durability and strength. Due to their length and structure, some forms are more prone to breakage than others. 

1. Long Stiletto Nails

Long and pointed, stiletto nails resemble a stiletto heel. Their narrow and delicate ends make them more susceptible to breakage.

2. Almond Nails

While they are elegant, rounded ends are more susceptible to chipping and breaking, particularly if they are excessively long.

3. Coffin/Ballerina Nails

Even though they are fashionable and stylish, square edges are more susceptible to breaking if not properly maintained.

4. Long Square Nails

Long square nails feature straight sides and a squared-off, flat point. The square shape can place tension on the corners.

5. Long Oval Nails

Long oval nails are round with a tapered point. Even though they are more durable than almond or stiletto nails, they can still break if they are too long.

6. Long Rounded Nails

Even though they are less likely to break than square-shaped nails, they can still break if they are excessively long.

Maintain Them!

To prevent breakage, it is essential to maintain your nails at a manageable length and avoid excessive force or trauma.

If you discover that a particular nail shape consistently causes your nails to break, consider trying a different shape or seeking personalized advice from a nail professional.