8 Dog Treat Brands to Avoid

Waggin' Train: This brand has faced controversy over the sourcing of its ingredients and potential links to pet illnesses.

Canyon Creek Ranch: Some products from this brand have been subject to recalls due to potential salmonella contamination.

Hartz: Known for various pet products, Hartz has faced concerns about the safety of some of its treats and other items.

Beneful: While popular, some treats from Beneful have faced scrutiny due to ingredient quality and potential health risks.

Pedigree: While Pedigree is a well-known brand, some of their treats have been questioned for ingredient quality and potential health concerns.

Ol' Roy: A Walmart brand, Ol' Roy has faced concerns about ingredient quality and safety.

Purina Dog Chow: While Purina is a reputable brand overall, some of its treats have faced questions about quality and potential health risks.

Milo's Kitchen: This brand has faced recalls and concerns over ingredient sourcing and quality.

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