8 Haircuts with No Layers Proving Blunt Ends Are Worth a Try

Blunt Bob: A classic blunt bob features straight-cut ends that hit at the jawline or slightly below. This haircut is versatile and works well for various hair textures.

Long Blunt Cut: For long hair, a blunt cut with no layers emphasizes thickness and fullness. This style can be worn straight or styled with waves for a modern look.

Blunt Lob (Long Bob): A longer version of the bob, the blunt lob typically falls between the chin and shoulders. It's a stylish and low-maintenance haircut that suits many face shapes.

Blunt Bangs with Long Hair: Pairing blunt bangs with long, straight hair creates a striking and chic look. The blunt ends of the bangs complement the overall sleekness of the hairstyle.

Blunt Pixie Cut: A pixie cut with blunt ends adds a bold and edgy flair to your look. This short haircut highlights facial features and requires minimal styling.

Blunt Cut with Curtain Bangs: Combine a blunt haircut with curtain bangs for a trendy and effortless style. The blunt ends of the hair contrast nicely with the soft, face-framing curtain bangs.

Blunt Cut with Face-Framing Layers: While the overall haircut remains blunt, adding subtle face-framing layers around the front can soften the look and enhance facial features.

Blunt Cut with Micro Bangs: Micro bangs paired with a blunt haircut create a bold and fashion-forward statement. This unique style draws attention to the eyes and adds an element of drama to your appearance.

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