8 Of The Most Shark-Infested Waters In The World

Eastern Cape, South Africa: The waters off the Eastern Cape, including Gansbaai and Mossel Bay, are known for high concentrations of great white sharks due to the presence of seal colonies.

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii: This area is famous for its population of tiger sharks, attracted by the presence of turtles and other marine life.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA: Referred to as the "shark bite capital of the world," this area sees frequent encounters due to its popularity for surfing and fishing.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean: This French territory has experienced a series of shark attacks, leading to restrictions on swimming and surfing in certain areas.

Western Australia: The coastline of Western Australia, including areas around Perth and Margaret River, is known for shark activity, particularly great whites.

Bahamas: The Bahamas is home to a diverse range of shark species, attracting divers seeking close encounters through organized tours.

South Australia: The waters around South Australia, including Adelaide and Port Lincoln, are known for shark sightings, particularly during seal pupping season.

Brazil: The coast of Brazil, especially around Recife, has a higher incidence of shark attacks due to the proximity of the continental shelf and deep water.

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