8 Words Or Phrases You'll Never Hear An Authentic Person Say

"I'm fine" when they're not: Authentic people are honest about their feelings and won't pretend to be okay if they're struggling or upset.

Empty compliments: They won't say things they don't mean just to please others or gain approval.

"I don't care" when they actually do: Authentic individuals are sincere about their interests and values, so they won't dismiss important matters with indifference.

Excuses or blame shifting: They take responsibility for their actions and choices without making excuses or blaming others.

"I'll think about it" when they have no intention to: They won't feign interest or consideration if they're not genuinely interested in something.

Insincere apologies: Authentic people offer genuine apologies when they've made a mistake or hurt someone, rather than using empty or insincere apologies to appease others.

Exaggerations or fabrications: They speak truthfully and avoid exaggerating stories or facts to make themselves appear more impressive.

Phrases to please everyone: Authentic individuals prioritize honesty and authenticity over saying things solely to please or appease others.

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