9 Soft and Sweet Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Loose Romantic Curls with Floral Hairpiece: Allow natural curls to flow freely with a soft, touchable texture.

Half-Up Half-Down Curly Hairstyle: Gather the top half of your curls into a gentle half-up style, leaving the rest of the curls cascading down.

Curly Updo with Twists and Braids: Incorporate twists and braids into an elegant curly updo. This style is intricate yet soft, perfect for brides who want a sophisticated and romantic hairstyle.

Side-Swept Curly Ponytail: Gather curls into a side-swept ponytail for a chic and modern look. Enhance the style with a decorative hair accessory or a jeweled hairpin.

Curly Low Bun with Wispy Bangs: Create a low bun with curly tendrils framing the face. Wispy bangs or loose strands can soften the look and add a touch of romance.

Curly Boho Crown Braid: Braid curly hair into a loose crown around the head, incorporating flowers or greenery for a bohemian-inspired bridal hairstyle.

Vintage-Inspired Curly Side Part: Part curly hair to the side and style into defined, glossy curls reminiscent of vintage Hollywood glamour. Add a decorative hair comb or pin for a classic touch.

Curly Faux Hawk Updo: For a bold and unique look, gather curls into a faux hawk-inspired updo. This style is edgy yet feminine, perfect for a fashion-forward bride.

Curly Side Bun with Delicate Accessories: Create a curly side bun and adorn it with delicate hair accessories such as pearls, crystals, or decorative pins.

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