9 Things To Do To Prevent Annoying Makeup Pilling

1. Start with a Clean Canvas

Start with skin that is clean and well-moisturized. Proper skincare provides a smooth foundation for cosmetics.

2. Use Lightweight Products

To prevent product buildup that can contribute to pilling, choose lightweight and easily absorbed skin care products.

3. Wait Between Layers

Allow each skincare product to thoroughly absorb before proceeding to the next layer. This prevents the mingling of products that causes pilling.

4. Choose Compatible Formulas

To prevent interactions that may contribute to pilling, layer products with similar consistencies.

5. Use a Makeup Primer

Utilize a makeup primer to create a seamless and even base for foundation and other makeup products.

6. Less is More

Utilize the smallest quantity of each product. Too much application can increase the likelihood of pilling.

7. Pat, Don't Rub

When applying products to your skin, press them on instead of rubbing, which can disrupt the skin's layers.

8. Set with Setting Spray

After applying your makeup, use a setting spray to help keep everything in position and reduce the likelihood of pilling.

9. Choose Long-Wearing Formula

Opt for long-lasting cosmetics that are less likely to migrate and cause pilling throughout the day.