Designing Your Home By Star Sign

Mars rules Aries, thus their residence should represent their confidence, resolve, and power.Your color scheme should contain blazing oranges and yellows.


Tauruses prefer solid, tactile, and earthy spaces.If in doubt, consider a cream or off-white color scheme that works with varied patterns and textiles.


Geminis demand energy at home due to their curiosity and changeability.To create a colorful, quirky decor, use lime green, orange, and canary yellow.


Working Virgos want serenity at home, away from conversation and excitement.Virgos prefer calm hues like creams and neutrals, but navy can add some contrast.


Libras, who are kind and fair, like soft, delicate settings.Baby blues, grays, and pastel pinks and purples show Libras' balance and harmony.


This star sign's creative, bright, and Sun-ruled inhabitants seek fun, warm-hearted surroundings.Original art and wall hangings will also show off your warm personality.


Cancerians are loyal, inventive, and persuasive and prefer tranquil interiors.Warm, natural timbers and pastel colors create a pleasant atmosphere. Moon flowers and other white flowers cheer up any place.