Domino’s Is Giving Away More Free “Emergency” Pizzas

College students consider pizza a food category. Domino's and Papa John's have long powered college students' late-night study sessions, social clubs, and celebrations. They've also profited from students who eat cheesy food.

Domino's recently offered a free "emergency" pizza for evenings when you burn supper or don't have time to prepare. Now, it's offering emergency pizza to students who have made the business rich—those with outstanding student debts.

Why? Student loan payments resumed after the epidemic, adding to the monthly budgets of recent graduates and long-term borrowers. 

Domino's wishes “to help in our own way by using the power of pizzas to do something nice for our customers.” The Domino's Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans initiative is “nice”.

Domino's will provide one free medium two-topping pizza to student loan holders starting October 25, while supplies last. Domino's will provide a limited quantity of free pizza tickets daily until $1 million is claimed. 

Apply is crucial since not everyone gets a code on the day they apply. You may never receive a code.

This appears unfair since it mimics the uncertainties student loan borrowers had while applying to college. There may be free pizza at the end of this tunnel, so it may be worth the worry.

It seems that carry-out customers may receive a pizza for free with no further purchases. The pizza is free, but delivery and additional expenses apply.

Domino's eligibility doesn't need graduation. These are: While supplies last, Domino's Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans are provided on a first-come, first-served basis to 18+ legal U.S. citizens of the 50 U.S./D.C.