Dunkin's 2023 Holiday Menu Has Apparently Leaked

We may look forward to winter's delectable flavored coffees and chocolates now that autumn has here and we're enjoying pumpkin spice fall drinks. 

The Dunkin' Donuts winter menu, as published by Instagram food news account Snackolator, seems to be promising.

According to the story, Dunkin' Donuts will begin offering winter-themed drinks on November 1st, including 2022 favorites like cookie butter cold brew, toasted white chocolate signature latte, and mint mocha latte.

A triple chocolate muffin and gooey packed hashbrowns with melted cheese and bacon will join the holiday sprinkle donut, which returns on November 29.

The most popular Instagram user described the winter Dunkin' Donuts menu as "more exciting than Starbucks'."

Some people complained that the brown sugar cold coffee and other refreshments were missing from the 2022 winter menu. Commenters also complained about a lack of hot chocolate.

According to some, the report failed to include 2022's cookie butter donut, gingerbread, or sugar cookies.

Fans are unsure which delicacies will be on Dunkin's 2023 Christmas menu since the "leaked" menu has yet to be validated. While you wait, enjoy some Dunkin' Donuts flavored canned coffees and teas.