Healthy Eating Tips Without Dieting

Keep potatoes in big chunks

Smaller potato pieces allow more surface area for water-soluble compounds like vitamin C and riboflavin (vitamin B2) to leach when boiled.

Marinate meat before barbecuing

Marinating tenderizes and flavors grilled and barbecued meats.

Blot with kitchen paper

Kitchen roll can be used to serve chicken and French fries and soak up takeout pizza fat.

Consider a ceramic knife

Ceramic knives are great for chopping vegetables and may be nutritious as compared to  stainless steel knife.

Microwave or steam broccoli

Boiling or frying broccoli might destroy its glucosinolates, which may fight cancer. Steaming preserves more nutrients.

Add white beans to smoothies

Protein-rich cannellini or butter beans make smoothies more satisfying.

Muffins with mashed banana instead of fat

Instead of half a cup of butter, use three ripe, well-mashed bananas in your favorite muffin recipe to reduce saturated fat.

Avocado-spread sandwiches

A sandwich with butter might contain 25% of your daily saturated fat. Replace it with a thin spread of puréed avocado

Max basil, max mint

Promote herbs from garnish to prominent green for greater benefits.

Healthier sizzling

Instead of adding oil and calories when stir-fried veggies stick or burn, use low-salt stock or water to keep them moist and healthful.