KFC Classic Is Returning With A New Flavor

When will you comprehend that your followers want one menu item back more than anything else, McDonald's? As we know, if Mickey D's doesn't provide Snack Wraps, KFC will. 

Customers loved two limited-time crispy chicken wraps from KFC earlier this year. In reaction to rival fast food chains' chicken wraps, KFC is bringing back its own with a fresh twist.

KFC's Classic Chicken Wrap, Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap, and Mac & Cheese Wrap return on November 12. Yes, the new wrap tops a toasty tortilla with a crispy chicken tender and KFC's creamy mac & cheese for the finest fried chicken meal.

The Classic Chicken Wrap, with an Extra Crispy tender, pickles, and mayo, and the Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap, with KFC's coleslaw, spicy sauce, and pickles, will remain.

The amazing two-for-$5 offer will return when KFC concludes. In-restaurant or online, you can purchase any two KFC wraps for $5 or a wrap combination for $8.49, which includes two wraps, fries, and a drink.

KFC's Chief Marketing Officer remarked, "Since we released KFC Wraps earlier this year, others have followed with their variations – but why go to a burger chain for a fried chicken wrap, when you can get a craveable wrap with KFC's world-famous fried ."

In addition to wraps, KFC will increase its dessert menu on November 12. New family-sized Colonel's Homestyle Brownie pairs with Chocolate Chip Cake. 

Chocolate chip brownies with nine huge pieces are excellent for your Fill Up Box or bucket dinner dessert. Add dessert to those meals for $5 or purchase the brownie alone for $6.99.