Pizza Hut's Popular Item Now Comes In Two Non-Pizza Flavors

No one out-pizzas the Hut, and although we know that's true since The Big New Yorker and Meat Lover's are still popular, no one out-values it either.

Despite rival restaurants raising prices, Pizza Hut is providing a new bargain menu that may be its greatest deal. 

Pizza Hut's new $7 Deal Lover's Menu offers 17 favorite dishes for $7 apiece when ordered with two or more. The Deal Lover's Menu includes pizza, wings, melts, breadsticks, and dessert. 

Pizza Hut will debut Roasted Garlic Cheese Sticks, Bacon Cheddar Cheese Sticks, and Chocolate Donut Bites on the $7 Deal Lover's Menu. Pizza Hut will add both new cheesy breadsticks to its marinara-sauced Cheese Sticks.

Though the only donuts on the menu are Chocolate Donut Bites, they taste like Pizza Hut's long-lost Donut Balls.

Pizza Hut's Deal Lover's Menu and à la carte menu will offer the three new products. However, ordering two or three products together for $7 each is the greatest price.

Pizza Hut's Deal Lover's Menu will also include its Medium 1-Topping Pizza, Meat Lover's Melt, Pepperoni Lover's Melt, Chicken Bacon Parm Melt, Buffalo Chicken Melt, 8-Piece Boneless Wings

Double Request of Breadsticks, Cheese Sticks, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Italian Meats Pasta, Cheesy he Pasta, Veggie Pasta, Cinnabon Mini Rolls, and a Pepsi-Cola 4-Pack.

Pizza Hut encourages consumers to adopt TikTok's viral "girl math," a "rationale" that makes goods look cheaper at $7 each. Why not make $7 free? According to “girl math” (and Pizza Hut), $7 is almost free. 

Pizza Hut will pay $7 for a $7 Deal Lover's Menu item starting October 24. Show Pizza Hut how you “girl math” on their website to get a free Deal Lover's Menu item. Try new dishes for free? This is female math we can support.