Popeyes Is Bringing Cajun Turkey Back For Thanksgiving 2023

Popeyes makes great chicken, whether it's the new sweet and spicy wings or the chicken box. Did you know the fast-food eatery sells whole turkeys seasoned for Thanksgiving?

Because of their wonderful flavor and ease of preparation, Popeyes' Cajun-flavored frozen turkeys are a Thanksgiving traditional. Popeyes' Cajun turkeys are already cooked; just thaw and reheat for two hours in the oven for a juicy, fully cooked turkey.

This year, the fast-food chain began accepting frozen chicken orders. In-store pickup will be available beginning October 17.

Last year, the frozen chicken priced $94.99 with delivery and $49.99 with in-store pickup. This year, online shipping is estimated to cost $99.99 (depending on area). The bird's in-store pickup price, however, is unclear.

Since 2018, foodies and Thanksgiving lovers have praised Popeyes' Cajun turkey. According to New Orleans Reddit users, Popeyes Cajun turkey is "not too salty or super spicy, just really tasty and very moist."

Consider all of the inventive ways to use leftovers. With the leftovers, you can make a fantastic cajun-flavored turkey sandwich or gumbo, as another Reddit user suggested.

According to Popeyes' website, their Cajun turkey feeds 8-12 people and comes frozen in 1-3 business days. Allow three days for a normal frozen turkey to thaw before reheating.