Popeyes' New TRUFF Collab Wants Pretty Food

Popeyes chicken is wonderful. Despite its financial struggles, Popeyes remains the top fast-food chicken choice. Why choose KFC when Popeyes is nearby? Popeyes is known for "high-end, fancy cuisine."

Wait, what? You seldom think about it. Popeyes wants to alter that, and it's partnered with TRUFF, the premium condiment company that puts truffles in everything.

The two firms have partnered to enhance the popular Popeyes chicken sandwich with TRUFF's spicy mayo for the autumn season. The mayo-based sauce with red jalapeño and black truffle tastes will be available beginning October 17, according to a Popeyes news release.

Customers can get the sauce on more than just chicken sandwiches. Popeyes app users may add mayo to any menu item for $1-2 per cup (expensive for a condiment, but this is a premium brand).

Their partnership continues. Popeyes and TRUFF are sponsoring an image contest sponsored by Wisdom Kaye in which fans can submit TikTok videos with the

#PopeyesContest hashtag and the company's "So You Think You're Fancy" sound displaying how fancy their chicken sandwiches can be. Would canes exist? Top hats? Maybe even monocles?

Sky is the limit. The winner will get four places aboard the Popeyes yachtsteraunt, which sails next spring.

Today is your chance to taste a Popeyes sandwich with fancy sauce. If you've ever wanted to sail a fast-food chicken giant's luxury boat (and who wouldn't?), your day may be even better.

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