Say Goodbye to Acne: Skincare and Makeup Tips


These expert skincare and makeup tips will teach you how to combat acne and attain a flawless complexion.

1. Cleanse Gently

Use a mild cleanser to remove grime and oil from your skin without irritating it.

2. Choose Non-Comedogenic Products

Choose non-comedogenic cosmetics and hygiene products to avoid clogging pores.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Include exfoliation in your routine to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

4. Hydrate Your Skin

Maintain your skin's hydration with a non-oily, lightweight moisturizer.

5. Spot Treatment

Treat acne patches with a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide-based spot treatment.

6. Don't Forget Sunscreen

Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen to shield your epidermis from UV rays.

7. Choose Oil-Free Makeup

Choose makeup that is oil-free and non-comedogenic to avoid aggravating acne.

8. Lightweight Foundation

Choose a foundation that is lightweight, breathable, and won't obstruct pores.

9. Clean Makeup Brushes

Clean your makeup brushes frequently to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on your epidermis.

10. Remove Makeup Before Bed

Always remove makeup before bed to avoid clogged pores.