Shake Shack's Fan Favorite Sandwich Is Back

Some like spice, some don't. Shake Shack is adding spicy options to its already delicious menu. Fan favorite Hot Chick'n sandwich returns for a fourth time. 

Hot Chick'n sandwiches include crispy chicken breast spiced with Shake Shack's hot pepper mix, pickles, and cherry pepper slaw. The 2017 release was followed by limited releases in 2018 and 2020.

A preview on Instagram last week prompted comments such as “Hopefully the spicy chicken coming back,” and “If this is not the hot chicken we don't want it 😭.”

The Spicy Shackmeister Burger, Spicy Chips with Ranch Sauce, and Spicy Cheese Fries with Rancher Sauce, all made with Shake Shack's spicy pepper mix, join the spicy Chick'n sandwich.

The Spicy Shackmeister Burger serves up a 100% Angus beef cheeseburger spiced with the spicy pepper blend and topped with crispy onions, chopped icing peppers, and ShackSauce;

the Hot Fries with Ranch Sauce are the chain's classic crinkle cut fries dusted with the hot pepper combine and served with Shack Ranch Sauce; and a Spicy Cheese Fries with Ranch dressing Sauce add cheese sauce.

Spicy Fries and Cheese Fries are now available statewide at Shake Shacks. The new burger and Hot Chick'n won't be available until Friday, September 8, unless you order via the Shack App, which gives fans early access beginning Tuesday, September 5. 

We're bringing back Hot Chicken for the fourth time because of our customers' desire for heat and robust tastes, says Shake Shack's Executive Chef and VP of Culinary Innovation.

We enjoy making fun, tasty food, and our new Hot Menu adds a spicy twist to Shack staples. This cuisine will offer the heat our customers will love, whether you're watching football or enjoying autumn.