Smashburger Just Added 2 of Cheesiest Burgers to the Menu

Smashburger's eagerness to try new burger toppings is one of our favorite things about them, along with their fantastic fries and cocktail bar. The chain is back with a cheesy original and a spicy variant.

Smashburger's Mac & Cheese Burger will return in a Scorchin' Hot spicy edition. The chain's limited-edition Mac & Cheese Burger, previously named the S'mac & Cheese Burger, debuted in February.

The Scorchin' Hot burger has all the features of the Mac & Cheese Burger plus Scorchin' Hot seasoning.

If you carry hot sauce in case of a low-spice emergency or love dousing your mac and cheese in hot sauce, this is the burger for you.

These two new menu options, like the original S'Mac burger, are limited edition and only available at participating Smashburger stores until January 3. Make sure to swing by this winter to join in on the excitement.

If you're on a health kick in the new year and worried that Smashburger will set you back, check out a registered dietitian's list of Smashburger's best and worst menu items for tips on how to enjoy your indulgence healthily.

Any healthy diet is maintainable, therefore it must incorporate your favorite snacks sometimes.

Don't deny yourself this crispy mac and cheese-topped burger if reading it makes you hungry. Life is too short to skip the burger and mac & cheese.