Taco Bell Is Bringing Back A Menu From The '90s

We often ask fast-food establishments to bring back our favorites, and there's no better feeling than when they do. Taco Bell brings back long-lost fan favorites like Mexican Pizza, which we appreciate.

Taco Bell revealed another menu item comeback just when we thought our summer orders would be filled with Nacho Fries and the fan-voted Beefy Crunch Burrito. Full menu return, not just one thing.

Taco Bell's spicy Volcano Menu returns this summer for a limited time. The Volcano Burrito was released in 1995 and the Volcano Taco in 2008, and despite its “limited-time” classification, elements of the menu have returned again.

Taco Bells in the UK sell the fiery Volcano Burrito with black beans, chicken, beef, nacho chips, Mexican rice, sour cream, and lava sauce. It may not be the same when it returns to the U.S.

Many fans were excited when Taco Bell announced the Volcano Menu's comeback in March, particularly those who had been petitioning Change.org and social media. 

It's returning! Real TacoBell advised rewards members to purchase a lot of it during early access on June 27 to make it permanent.

You heard CMO! To view the Volcano Menu for more than a few weeks or months, order at Taco Bell!