The 10 Best Barefoot Shoes, According to Experts

Vibram FiveFingers: Vibram is well-known for its innovative FiveFingers shoes, which mimic the feel of walking barefoot while providing protection and traction.

Xero Shoes: Xero Shoes specializes in minimalist footwear designed to promote natural foot movement and enhance proprioception. 

Vivo Barefoot: Vivo Barefoot focuses on creating lightweight, flexible shoes that allow for natural foot function. Their shoes feature thin soles and wide toe boxes.

Merrell Barefoot: Merrell offers a range of barefoot-inspired shoes designed for outdoor activities like hiking and trail running.

Lems Shoes: Lems Shoes designs minimalist footwear for everyday wear, travel, and outdoor adventures. Their shoes are lightweight, flexible, and spacious.

Altra Zero Drop: Altra Zero Drop shoes feature a wide toe box and zero-drop platform to promote natural foot positioning and encourage a more efficient running stride.

Tadeevo Barefoot Shoes: Tadeevo specializes in handmade barefoot shoes made from high-quality materials like leather and suede.

Bedrock Sandals: Bedrock Sandals creates minimalist sandals designed for hiking, running, and outdoor adventures. Their sandals feature rugged outsoles.

Luna Sandals: Luna Sandals offers a range of minimalist sandals inspired by traditional huarache sandals worn by the Tarahumara people of Mexico. 

Earth Runners: Earth Runners specializes in minimalist sandals designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Their sandals feature conductive laces and grounded soles to connect.


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