The 10 Least Safe Cities in the U.S., New Research Shows

St. Louis, Missouri: High numbers of assaults per capita contribute to its ranking as the least safe city.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Noted for a lack of emergency savings among households and high traffic fatality rates.

San Bernardino, California: Poor rankings in home and community safety, financial safety, and natural disaster risk.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Lowest rank in home and community safety, with a notable number of traffic fatalities per capita.

Memphis, Tennessee: Featured in the top 10 for its high rate of violent crime.

Detroit, Michigan: Also in the top 10, known for a significant chance of being a victim of violent crime.

New Orleans, Louisiana: High violent crime rate.

Camden, New Jersey: Notable for its violent crime rate.

Oakland, California: Identified for its higher rate of violent crime compared to the national average.

Stockton, California: Also recognized for a higher than average rate of violent crime.

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