Travel 10 Hair Inspo For Black Women That Don’t Include Braids



Afro: Embrace your natural texture with a voluminous afro hairstyle. You can pick it out for maximum volume or define your curls with styling products.


Twist-Out: Achieve defined curls and volume with a twist-out hairstyle. Simply twist small sections of damp or moisturized hair and allow them.


Bantu Knots: Create stylish Bantu knots by twisting small sections of hair into knots close to the scalp. This protective style not only looks chic but also helps maintain.


Puff: Gather your hair into a high or low puff for a simple yet stylish look. You can use a hair tie or headband to secure the puff and add accessories like scarves.


Finger Coils: Define your natural curls with finger coils, a technique where you wrap small sections of hair around your finger to create tight coils.


Flat Twist-Out: Achieve a twist-out look with flat twists instead of regular twists. Flat twists lay closer to the scalp, creating a sleeker appearance while still providing


Wash and Go: Embrace the simplicity of a wash and go hairstyle, where you wash and condition your hair, apply styling products, and let your curls air.


Faux Hawk: Add an edgy twist to your hairstyle with a faux hawk. Create volume by styling the hair in the center of your head upwards while keeping the sides sleek.


Top Knot: Sweep your hair up into a chic top knot for a polished and versatile hairstyle. You can opt for a sleek or messy bun depending on your preference.


Pineapple Updo: Gather your curls into a high ponytail or bun at the top of your head, leaving the curls loose and voluminous on top. This protective style keeps your curls intact while adding.