Starbucks Is Discontinuing One Of Its Most Popular Syrups

Starbucks is switching to a popular syrup flavor despite making billions on extra sauce and syrup pumps. Starbucks will eliminate raspberry syrup

We regularly assess our store ingredients and have chosen to withdraw raspberry syrup.

"As we remove it from our menu, stores will have limited inventory in March," the business added.

Starbucks just acknowledged the syrup's retirement after days of whispers on social media and in the news.

The U.S. Sun reported this week that a California Starbucks confirmed the raspberry syrup's March discontinuation. In the past few days, 

multiple TikTok users have posted videos of an apparent company memo that read: "As we continue evaluating product performance, 

The memo tells employees to sell their syrup inventory until it's gone because distribution centers will stop ordering.

Customers may only have weeks left to consume Starbucks raspberry syrup drinks, though each location's stock may vary.

TikTokers especially love adding raspberry syrup to Starbucks' matcha lattes, white chocolate mochas, and Strawberry Açaí Refreshers.