Wawa Just Brought Back a Cult-Favorite Item Fans Wait for All Year

Thanksgiving is only weeks away, and the day following is one of my favorite eating holidays. Thanksgiving leftovers become delectable sandwiches with turkey, stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, and mayo on bread. 

I prepare Thanksgiving sandwiches that way. However, components vary per individual. Some combine in mashed potatoes. Others add gravy. Having Thanksgiving leftovers makes it a Thanksgiving sandwich.

Wawa, an East Coast convenience shop with over 1,000 outlets, doesn't want guests to wait until after Thanksgiving to try the sandwich's taste.

Wawa's Gobbler Hoagie debuted a month before Thanksgiving. Now it's back at Wawa with some changes. Many fans are delighted to experience the holiday several weeks early.

When Instagram user uploaded a video with her Gobbler bowl and said, “It’s a true love affair,” her followers understood. In the video, she called it “one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.”

One commenter called the Gobbler "the best seasonal goodie!" Another looked to be planning a Wawa trip soon, “Omg yes!!!!! I failed to receive this two weeks ago!”

The video Gobber wasn't a hoagie. Roast turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce topped a dish of stuffing. All delicious Thanksgiving sandwiches are customisable, including the bowl and hoagie.

User knows how to eat it correctly. Before eating, she put a little of each item on her fork. My Thanksgiving dish items are eaten that way. I try everything on the fork—it's very flavorful!

The Gobbler Hoagie has hot turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on a hoagie bread, like my Thanksgiving lunch. There are two Gobbler Hoagie variations: one with mashed potatoes and one with sweet potatoes.