Why Straightening Wet Hair Is A Big No-No

Straightening wet hair

To maintain the health and integrity of your hair, you must avoid this common error and avoid straightening damp hair. Here's why:

1. Hair Damage

When heat is applied to damp hair, the water within the hair shaft can become steam. This vapor can then cause bubbles and even breakage in the hair.

2. Uneven Results

Some sections of your hair may become straighter than others, while others may retain their natural curls or waves.

3. Heat Damage

Exposing damp hair to heat styling tools such as straighteners or flat irons can result in severe heat damage.

4. Lack of Hold

Wet hair does not maintain a straightened style very well. The shape will not last long, and your hair may rapidly return to its natural texture.

5. Increased Frizz

Applying heat to damp hair can increase frizz and disrupt the hair's natural pattern, making it difficult to achieve a smooth, sleek appearance.

Tips: Start with Dry Hair

Before using any heat styling tools, always ensure that your hair is completely dry. Before straightening, allow your hair to air-dry.

Tips: Use Heat Protectant

Before straightening your hair, use a heat protectant spray or serum to shield it from the high temperatures of styling products.

Tips: Section Your Hair

Using clips or hair ties, divide your hair into tiny sections. This will guarantee uniform straightening and simplify the process.

Tips: Finish with a Hair Serum

After straightening, apply a hair serum or oil to add shine and further guard hair from humidity and frizz.