Who Owns Elan Financial Services?

Who Owns Elan Financial Services

Fiserv’s acquisition is intended to expand their debit card processing business and ATM management services, as well as MoneyPass – one of two largest surcharge-free networks in the US – will bring over 1,400 clients, increasing growth across key areas such as risk management solutions and Accel debit payments network.

U.S. Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp is a premier provider of payment services such as credit cards and cash management products. Additionally, they provide investment banking, brokerage services, trust services and insurance offerings across North America and Europe. U.S. Bancorp products and services can be found in over 30 countries worldwide.

Alongside its core business of payment services, this company also operates various franchises and retail locations. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with over 1,000 branches nationwide.

Elan Financial Services works with over 1,400 financial institutions to offer outsourced credit card programs that generate an on-going revenue stream without incurring capital costs or staff requirements. Furthermore, Elan offers corporate rewards programs and virtual credit cards for both employees and customers.

Elan Financial Services owns and operates the MoneyPass surcharge-free network and ATM managed services, offering ATM/debit card issuance/management as well as regional/national network access and web-based program administration solutions for ATM and POS processing solutions. 

Elan also offers customer support and risk management services. If an Elan hard inquiry shows up on your credit reports that is unfamiliar, this may indicate someone may have used your identity to open accounts in your name without your knowledge.

In such a situation you should file a dispute with credit bureaus immediately to correct inaccurate data and eliminate any incorrect entries or claims by creditors to remove inaccurate entries or correct inaccurate ones.


Fiserv is a financial services technology company offering payment and processing services and software to banks, credit unions, and other businesses. Their business model leverages cutting-edge technologies and partnerships in order to deliver innovative and efficient solutions, earning their revenue through transaction fees or charges for processing services provided; excess cash invested with other businesses or markets generates additional sources of income generation for Fiserv.

Frank Dalton and John Muma established Fiserv in 1984 with the mission of developing a national data processing company that could save clients money by sharing computer resources and cutting operating costs. 

At that time, many companies developed and operated their own computer systems and processing software at great expense; with Fiserv taking on these duties at no cost while earning revenues through fees and charges from clients.

At present, the company operates two business units: Card Services and Investment Solutions. Card Services provide financial institutions with a full selection of products and services such as credit and debit card processing, ATM management services, risk mitigation strategies and the Accel debit payments network – products which are used by millions across 100+ countries around the globe and generate billions annually for revenue for the company.

If you believe there are inaccurate hard inquiries on your credit reports, filing a dispute can help rectify this issue. Hard inquiries occur when lenders check your credit in order to assess whether or not you qualify for loans; when inaccurate hard inquiries appear on reports, credit bureaus have an obligation to investigate and correct them as quickly as possible.


KeyBank provides its customers with a range of banking products and services, such as checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, CDs and investment products to manage their wealth effectively.

The bank offers numerous ways for its customers to contact customer service: online chat, email and phone support as well as mobile app access are available on its website and its ATMs across the country are accessible by mobile app. 

Customers may use this application to check account balances, transfer funds between accounts or receive notifications regarding upcoming payments or balances approaching overdue amounts.

KeyBank provides business banking solutions beyond card products, including debit and credit cards for business use as well as merchant services, ATM services, lending solutions and Elan Financial Services card processing business that serves over 1,800 banks in the US.

If there’s an inaccurate hard inquiry from Elan Financial Services on your credit report, you can file a dispute with one of the major credit bureaus. Such inaccurate inquiries can lower your scores and indicate identity theft; however, if you were not the applicant for their card then they cannot conduct hard inquiries against your report.

U.S. Bank Credit Cards

If Elan Financial Services makes a hard inquiry on your credit reports, this may be a telltale sign of identity theft. You can file a dispute against them if you believe they made unwarranted inquiries into your credit reports.

Elan has long provided its outsourced partnership solution to more than 1,400 financial institutions, giving agents access to an outsourced partnership solution that helps them earn ongoing revenue through competitive credit card programs with rewards, account opening options, marketing support and marketing support. Furthermore, this company offers various debit and ATM processing solutions.

Fiserv’s acquisition of Elan Credit Card Company will open up new markets for them while also giving them access to MoneyPass – a surcharge-free network. However, this deal does not include Elan’s card issuing and corporate payments operations which remain under U.S. Bancorp ownership.

Elan Credit Cards provide financial institutions with a selection of cards designed to meet their customers’ needs. Their products feature different benefits and features tailored specifically for each market – such as cash back rewards, no APR offers and travel rewards – with excellent customer service as a key differentiator. Elan’s credit cards serve both financial institutions as an additional revenue stream as well as building customer loyalty.


Elan Financial Services is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. U.S. Bancorp is a diversified financial services holding company based in the United States. However, ownership structures can change over time due to various reasons such as mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. 

It’s crucial to verify the current ownership status through recent and reliable sources as this information may have changed after my last update.

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