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  • Is TD Bank Going Digital?

    Is TD Bank Going Digital?

    In a time when technology is changing every part of our lives, it’s unsurprising that the banking business is seeing a major digital revolution. TD Bank, one of the top financial organizations in North America, has entirely accepted this transition.  This blog will discuss how TD Bank is transitioning to digital platforms, transforming the banking…

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  • Ultimate Guide to Tap and Pay With Paypal

    Ultimate Guide to Tap and Pay With Paypal

    In today’s rapidly changing world, ease and safety are essential when processing payments.  One payment technique that has been becoming increasingly popular is “tap to pay,” a convenient way of completing transactions without the requirement for physical touch.  This article explores tap-to-pay’s smooth integration with PayPal, providing a secure and efficient payment method. How Does…

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  • When Was Capital One Founded

    When Was Capital One Founded

    This company offers banking, credit and lending products and services as well as investment services. Their offerings include auto loans, credit cards, banking services and savings accounts. Capital One made an ambitious shift away from teaser rates and toward innovative techniques designed to attract customers in 1996, such as cobranded and affinity credit cards with…

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  • What Are Square Processing Fees?

    What Are Square Processing Fees?

    Square is best-known for their credit card processing service, but they also offer a host of software and hardware solutions for business. From basic POS systems to appointments software, the costs associated with working with Square vary based on your business needs. Your transaction fees, hardware and software costs depend on the total sales volume…

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  • What is a Reverse ATM?

    What is a Reverse ATM?

    ATMs have come a long way since first becoming mainstream, and their evolution has accelerated significantly with the introduction of reverse functionalities. These cutting-edge kiosks enable customers to deposit cash and convert it into prepaid cards – helping businesses go cashless. ATMs have become an increasingly popular option at venues that deal with a lot…

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  • The Bank of America Digital Currency

    The Bank of America Digital Currency

    As Americans learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, their financial infrastructure is becoming outdated. Therefore, now is an opportune time to consider introducing government-issued digital currency as part of our financial infrastructure. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), or CBDCs, are an inevitable evolution of current electronic coins, according to strategists at Bank of America in a…

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  • Who Owns Elan Financial Services?

    Who Owns Elan Financial Services?

    Fiserv’s acquisition is intended to expand their debit card processing business and ATM management services, as well as MoneyPass – one of two largest surcharge-free networks in the US – will bring over 1,400 clients, increasing growth across key areas such as risk management solutions and Accel debit payments network. U.S. Bancorp U.S. Bancorp is…

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