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How to Use Dunkin’ Donuts Rewards

Dunkin’ Donuts recently revamped its rewards program to make earning points simpler for customers. A dollar spent now earns 10 points and every 200 earners will earn themselves a free beverage! In addition, customers can now use their Dunkin’ loyalty ID to pay through the app and order ahead for pickup service.

Sign up for a Dunkin’ Rewards account

Coffee can be costly to purchase regularly. But if you are an avid coffee consumer with a credit card that offers cash back rewards points on purchases made, then using these points to buy your beverage could save money and increase savings. In particular, fans of Dunkin’ Donuts fancier beverages such as lattes and cold brews could find themselves lucky because the company recently introduced Dunkin’ Rewards as its loyalty program – replacing its former DD Perks loyalty scheme!

Even though this new system should be better than its predecessor, many customers are not pleased. Indeed, its changes have caused widespread outrage on social media since Dunkin’ announced that members would need 700 points before redeeming for a free crafted beverage such as a latte or Dunkin’ refresher; additionally they no longer provide one on birthdays.

The company contends that its new rewards program is an improvement on the previous one due to being faster and simpler to use, providing additional ways for earning and redeeming points, including an incentive called “Boosted Status Mode,” which can unlock additional benefits when someone visits twelve times within one month.

Earn points

Dunkin’ Rewards, the company’s revamped loyalty program that took effect October 6, offers more ways for customers to earn and redeem points for free food and beverage items. In addition, its new tier, called Boosted Status, rewards loyal customers with higher number of points per dollar spent.

Under the old DD Perks loyalty program, members could accumulate five points for every $1 spent and redeem those for free beverages; under its successor program however, members earn 10 points for every dollar spent and can use these towards purchasing anything other than coffee alone.

Additionally, this new program allows members to earn bonus points on certain purchases and participate in surveys, earning double or even bonus points with certain items or time frames – the Dunkin’ app can be an excellent resource for tracking these offers!

Customers can sign up for Dunkin’ Rewards by providing the following information via the Dunkin’ App or website: first name, last name, password, email address, mobile phone number, birthday (month and day), zip code and whether or not they would prefer market-specific offers. Customers may also earn points by inviting friends to the program, participating in surveys and making purchases using the Dunkin’ App.

Redeem your points

Dunkin’ Donuts recently revamped its rewards program to offer more flexible ways for customers to redeem points, including food and beverage items redeemed online or in store. Furthermore, a newly developed app makes accessing and tracking rewards simpler.

Dunkin’ Rewards replaces DD Perks and provides many additional benefits. Members earn points faster under this program – earning 10 for every $1 spent, up from 5 under DD Perks; points can now be redeemed for food items like Li’L Treats; and members can apply their rewards towards Order Ahead or drive-thru purchases.

For easy redemption of rewards in the Dunkin’ App, visit the “Offers” page and select “Choose Rewards.” Once there, choose any available reward and click ORDER NOW or REDEEM IN STORE; once selected it will show as active in your app. If you were previously a DD Perks member, all accounts and points have automatically transferred over.

Note that rewards may change and may not always be available, so be sure to regularly check the Dunkin’ Rewards app and update your mobile number so you can receive special offers, notifications about promotions and rewards.

Keep track of your points

On October 6, Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled its revamped loyalty program DD Perks (formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts Perks). With this revamp, members will earn and redeem points differently: customers now get 10 loyalty points per dollar spent versus five under the previous system and now require 150 points instead of 200 before redeeming rewards.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new loyalty rewards program is unique in that customers can now accumulate points for food instead of only beverages – an upgrade over previous offerings which only allowed customers to get free beverages as rewards. Now customers can accumulate points towards donuts, bagels and breakfast sandwiches as rewards – and also allow people to stack rewards so that multiple products can be earned or redeemed at one time in one transaction.

The new loyalty rewards program also makes it easy to rack up points faster. You can earn multiple reward coupons in each transaction and the app will track your total point accumulation. Furthermore, smartphone receipt scans automatically update your account with how many points are in it; and bonus points can be earned by participating in surveys or helping Dunkin’ Donuts with research; these bonus points could earn you one free donut with any medium or large beverage purchase!


Using Dunkin’ Donuts Rewards is a straightforward process designed to enhance the customer experience and provide benefits for loyal patrons. As of my last update in January 2022, Dunkin’ Donuts Rewards typically involved earning points for each purchase made at Dunkin’ locations. These points could then be redeemed for free or discounted items.


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