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What is FNBO Credit Card?

FNBO provides a range of credit card products designed to meet different spending habits and lifestyles, with some earning cash back while others supporting wildlife conservation efforts or helping build credit. Learn more about FNBO credit cards and find the right one for yourself.

As part of its application process, FNBO may obtain credit reports as part of its assessment of an applicant. To learn about rates, fees, costs, conditions and limitations please see our Summary of Credit Terms document.

FNBO offers a variety of credit cards

FNBO, the First National Bank of Omaha, provides credit cards with competitive interest rates and attractive rewards programs, while providing exceptional customer service. Their cards cater to people from various spending habits and lifestyles – from travel enthusiasts to those looking to build credit. In addition to this range of cards, FNBO also offers debit cards which give cardholders easy and secure access to their funds.

The FNBO Evergreen Credit Card offers generous 2% cash-back rewards on all purchases with no category restrictions or minimum redemption amounts. Applicants with a FICO(r) Score of 670 or above should qualify, and potential cardholders can fill out an online prequalification form prior to running their hard credit report.

FNBO also offers two additional credit cards, the FNBO Travel Elite Visa Card and the FNBO Complete Rewards Visa Card, both requiring excellent credit to qualify and offering competitive rewards programs and benefits such as waived annual fees on the Travel Elite Card for the first year.

FNBO Rewards Visa Card

FNBO is a sixth-generation family business dedicated to improving people’s financial well-being. Offering credit and debit cards on either Visa or MasterCard networks as well as checking and savings accounts,

Additionally it has created the FNBO Rewards Card credit card which gives cardholders points with every purchase while offering benefits such as 0% intro APR for up to nine billing cycles on purchases and balance transfers – which makes life simpler for cardholders!

FNBO’s reward program earned 12th place on WalletHub’s list of the best credit card rewards programs. Cardholders can redeem points for cash back, merchandise and travel. Each point is worth 1 cent and won’t expire so long as their account remains open.

The FNBO Secured Visa Card can help people who are building or rebuilding their credit to establish or rebuild it. Offering credit limits ranging from $300 to $5,000 secured with deposits equivalent to their credit line amount, cardholders may become eligible for an increase without incurring an additional deposit payment.

FNBO Travel Elite Visa Card

FNBO is an established financial services company offering credit card products at highly competitive rates and rewarding reward programs.

FNBO Travel Elite Visa Card is tailored for frequent travelers looking to reap rewards with their travel purchases. Offering generous 2% cash back across all purchases with no restrictions in categories or spend limits, earned points never expire and can be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards or merchandise purchases.

This card provides several travel benefits, such as no foreign transaction fees and airport lounge access, plus it offers an introductory APR of 0% on purchases for six billing cycles.

FNBO Evergreen and Getaway credit cards offer two attractive solutions to active business checking account holders with no annual fee and 0% APR on business-related purchases for six billing cycles, along with additional rewards such as unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases with no category restrictions.

FNBO Complete Rewards Visa Card

FNBO Complete Rewards offers an uncapped 2% cash back on all purchases regardless of spending category, making its flat rate among those without annual fees one of the highest available.

Cardholders of FNBO Complete Rewards cards can redeem their earned rewards in increments of 2,500 points for cash back, merchandise and travel – starting from as little as 1,000 points!

There’s also no minimum redemption amount, making this card an excellent way to accumulate large numbers of points or miles quickly and with no minimum redemption threshold or expiration dates! Plus they don’t expire as long as your account remains open and in good standing!

FNBO Visa Credit Cards offer an excellent way of building or rebuilding credit. Their introductory APR of 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 15 billing cycles before their regular purchase APR takes effect.

There’s no annual fee or late fees, with cardholders eligible for a $200 sign-up bonus after spending $1,000 within three billing cycles of opening their account – see the Summary of Credit Terms for more information regarding rates, fees, costs conditions and limitations.

FNBO Secured Visa Card

First National Bank of Omaha is one of the nation’s oldest and most renowned banks. Its credit cards offer solutions tailored to various financial needs – for instance rewards cards are ideal for cashback while ones offering an introductory 0% interest rate make traveling simpler.

Furthermore, First National also provides debit cards which allow users to spend money that has already been placed into their checking accounts.

The FNBO Secured Visa Card is an ideal solution for individuals seeking to rebuild their credit. Offering a low introductory APR and the flexibility of setting their own credit limit of up to $5,000, as well as reporting to all three major credit bureaus – but without signup bonuses and charging a 3% foreign transaction fee it falls short in comparison.


FNBO provides several rewards credit cards, such as the FNBO Rewards Visa Card and Travel Elite Visa Card, that WalletHub helps users compare. You can use our tool to quickly see all features and benefits side-by-side between each card.


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